Monday, 2 June 2014

If your making a change, I applaud you.

My deepest apologies, it has been a wee while. In my defence, if I haven't been training for this blasted 5k (love it really) i've been at various dr appointments. I also haven't been eating right if I'm being totally honest with you. I always seem to go off the rails when the kids are off school, I don't even have kids! I think it's because I'm scared of going out running and stuff - I don't care you are, the scariest thing in the world is running past people when your fat - hell, even walking past teenagers makes me break out in a cold sweat these days. And the thing is, it shouldn't be that way. No one should ever be ashamed to take the first step on a journey - it takes bravery. Real bravery to make a change, no matter if it's to lose weight or step into the unknown in any way shape or form. If your doing that right now, I applaud you - your one brave Mother Fucker for telling the world to 'Do One' whilst you make changes for you. Seriously, give your self a pat on the back. Your Awesome.

Anyway, I digress ( iI do that a lot ), I'm back to being good now, and the 5k training commences this week. My current best time is 1 hour 2 minutes and 58 seconds. And I think thats awesome. Really, Top Notch. Especially when I started at 1 hour 12 minutes. My goal on the day is to do it under an hour, and that might not seem like a lot, but as a fat runner, thats awesome. On my last training sesh I even run for further and than for longer than I ever have, which just goes to show you I'm doing better. :) Also, last time I went out running I got to my little secluded patch of heaven and got ready to run and there were work men there. OH NO! I almost turned back then and there and said screw it. I'm not going to be someone's source of amusement, and something they talk about in the pub. But I didn't. I took a deep breath. And carried on (and ended up getting my current fastest time) and you know what else, the work man didn't even blink an eye. Didn't even look at me. Didn't even care that there was a fat girl running laps near him struggling to breath.

I urge all fat people out there to, if medically possible - don't kill yourselves - to take up running. It's one of the hardest thing i've ever ever done in my entire life. But I swear, the buzz I get off it after I've finished it, and it says 5k on my Map My Fitness App is like no others.

Its hard. It Hurts. I cry like every time I go out (usually around the 3k mark) but I shut my 13 year old self who detests P.E in a cupboard and I carry on. And then I get a buzz and feel pumped for the rest of the day.

Who'd have thought, me, running, without something chasing me.

If I can do it, so can you!

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