Thursday, 3 July 2014

I hate technology

Ok so I haven't been around much, mainly due to the fact that my computer monitor bit the big one and now it's virtually impossible to spend any time on the computer as it constantly changes the brightness and contrast settings - seriously, doing anything on a computer that it stuck on a setting of contrast 100 and constantly has a blue box flashing to inform you thusly is pretty much mission impossible, particularly if your prone to migraines like I am. Yay. I have ordered a new monitor, so once it's been delivered and setting up blogging shall continue as usual. Think of me as the Network Rail of the blogging world, services have been disrupted due to maintenance issues... Actually, don't think of me as that. I still want people to like me. At the minute this blog is brought to you by sneaking onto my Sister In Laws (14 years old) laptop that I have other night as I was fixing it, because this is not my laptop this post will be A) Devoid of images, which sucks as I like breaking up my text blocks but I can't really do it the same on someone elses computer in good conscience, and B) Brought to you by Google Chrome Incognito Mode, which stops pages you've been on from showing in search history - so yeah, it's basically a Porn Friendly feature. I'm doing this as, despite how long i've been blogging, there are very few people who know I blog. And those that do don't know my wed address. And id like to keep it that way as it means I get the chance to be completely candid in my posts with little fear of consequences.

Anyway, next Sunday is my Race For Life. And I am absolutely fucking bricking it. Training fell desperately to the way side due to hayfever and various colds, and bouts of sinusitus. As it is, i've already come to terms with the fact that I'll be walking it rather than walking/jogging stints thanks to my hayfever being epicly bad this year, I'm on antihistamines for the first time since I was a teen (many moons ago).

Diet wise I'm ok. This week I gained 1 lb. But i'm actually happy with that as I was pretty sick this week and plenty of comfort food orientated meals were bad, if I hadn't got back on the plan on Tuesday to practice damage limitation it could have been so much worse. But onwards and downwards. This week i'm gonna try and make Diet Coke Chicken - I've never made it before, but i've heard many many good things and i've even conviced my Mr to give it a go. Despite his face when I told him I wanted to eat chicken cooked in Diet Coke for a meal this week. God I hope it turns out nice, I'll never hear the last of it if it's not yummy.

So yeah, that's pretty much it this evening. I promise to post a better blog once I get my new monitor all sorted out. But before I go, please check out this blog. She has done so well so far, and is still doing amazing. I've been reading a fair few of her posts on this here laptop (in incognito mode, naughty naughty) and fully intend on catching up on her blog more when I have more freedom to access the internet once my stupid monitor has been delivered. I'm finding her a real inspiration right now.

Thanks, and as always,

Peace Out x x

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