Monday, 29 November 2010

Week 3 weigh in.

Well to say last week has been a struggle would be the understatement of the century, unfortunately - my body continued to retain water like a sponge and i spent the latter part of last week being starving hungry despite eating my kcals every day - i gained 1.5lbs this made made me feel bad.

This week is gonna be just as bad as im a few days late but also because im still off the wagon so to speak. Yesterday my lovely mummy and i had a girly day, its been planned for weeks and i was gonna bloody enjoy it - we ate pizza and then went to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and It.Was.. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

To explain, my friend are and always will be Uber h.p nerds (my coolness just keeps getting better huh?), in fact she has a tattoo of the deathly hallows on the back of her neck, and now im really thinking of getting one? hmm.. if you havent read the books or seen the film then you wont know the story of the 3 brothers, so i've even provided ya'll with that - i'm too good ;) read me.- anyway - the film was spot on  to the book - watch it. love it. :)

So i fully intended to get back on plan today, except my big bro phoned last night and he's taking us all for tea tonight - ooooh excccittteee :) - his treating us is so rare that im gonna grab it by both hands and enjoy myself. i wont be eating much all day anyway. And so starts the festive season diet melt down... uck..

peace out x

oh, and on a side note.

                                                    RIP LESLIE NIELSON
                                                    The worlds a less funny place without you...

Frank: Nice beaver!
Jane: Thanks, I just had it stuffed. ...

Frank: It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girl dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day.
Jane: Goodyear?
Frank: No, the worst

Jane: Can I interest you in a night cap?
Frank: No, thank you, I don't wear them.

Mayor: Now Drebin, I don't want any trouble like you had on the South Side last year, that's my policy.
Frank: Well, when I see five weirdos, dressed in togas, stabbing a man in the middle of the park in full view of a hundred people, I shoot the bastards, that's *my* policy!
Mayor: That was a Shakespeare-In-The-Park production of 'Julius Caesar,' you moron! You killed five actors! Good ones!

Frank: That's the red-light district. I wonder why Savage is hanging around down there.
Ed: Sex, Frank?
Frank: Uh, no, not right now, Ed.

Frank: Now, Jane, what can you tell us about the man you saw last night?
Jane: He's Caucasian.
Ed: Caucasian?
Jane: Yeah, you know, a white guy. A moustache. About six-foot-three.
Frank: Awfully big moustache.

Frank: I'm single! I love being single! I haven't had this much sex since I was a Boy Scout leader!
-Music Stops. People stare.-
Frank: I mean at the time I was dating a lot.

Rumack: You'd better tell the Captain we've got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.
Elaine Dickinson: A hospital? What is it?
Rumack: It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

Rumack: Can you fly this plane, and land it?
Ted Striker: Surely you can't be serious.
Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

Rumack: Captain, how soon can you land?
Captain Oveur: I can't tell.
Rumack: You can tell me. I'm a doctor.
Captain Oveur: No. I mean I'm just not sure.
Rumack: Well, can't you take a guess?
Captain Oveur: Well, not for another two hours.
Rumack: You can't take a guess for another two hours?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Woes of an Insomniac..

So this is gonna be a short post, especially as im breaking my 'only blog on days off' rule to post this, but i felt like needed to share this on the off chance anyone else who reads this blog also has trouble sleeping. Plus im on the 12-8 shift today (late night opening - imagine my delight!!).

I. Do. Not. Sleep. Well. And whilst i do have sleeping pills im loathe to take them most of the time as i dont want to rely on them and im the type of person who would. Some nights ill still be awake at 6am and frankly, my own personality really starts to grate on me by then. I get so annoyed and frustrated with myself which doesnt help and certainly hinders the chances of me drifting off to sleep. I know your meant to walk away from the bedroom, and go to another room until you feel sleepy again but that isnt possible for me, i live with my parents and our dog sleeps downstairs so i cant go down, so night before last - at around 3am i was still awake, and started browsing the internet on my phone to distract myself (god bless smart phones and a wifi connection :) ) and i came across this website;

Click Me.

And found it really interesting, i tried the toe wiggle technique and the tummy rub, and then deep breathing and i was asleep for 4 :) so last night i tried the same thing, i turned my light off at 12:45 (im a night owl ;) ) and was asleep for 1, and only woke up a few times in the night - but i pretty much slept through till 9am :) im pretty damn impressed. I also felt better because after reading the tips it made me realise i wasnt alone in my long nights :)

Diet wise, i dunno - im being super good despite the long days and stupid arse shifts ( i hate finishing at 8, and i did it on tue too - that was to work delivery - ahhh late nights, just another reason why i love and hate christmas in equal measures) but im struggling with the fact that once a month my body decides to deal with its hormonal imbalance my attempting to force me into the entire contents of the kitchen as well as acting a macabre sponge by retaining as much water as physically possible, uck. Only time will tell, but frankly, if i can stay the same this week i'll be bloody thrilled! :o\

                                                              peace x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Letting my fingers do the talking...

So as of yet i have no idea what im going to blog about in this here post, but seeing as my next blog post will be on sunday (next day off today after today) i figured i should probably make an effort to post something or other. Im pretty much just gonna type and see where my fingers take me - so i feel i should apologise in advance if this post makes no sense and is a bit all over the place.

I guess i should start by saying my hand feels much better now, but im going back to work tomorrow so im hoping the pains dont start again - thats the last thing i need at this time of year really, still -  i guess i'll just need to pop ibuprofen in case that happens. sigh.

In other news, my dads christmas gummi bear has arrived, and i swear to god its the most beautiful sweetie ive ever seen in my life, im not big on jelly sweets but even i want to start chewing on its head - im gonna need to wrap it swiftly me thinks before my temptations get the better of me, for £30 its not really a gift i can easily replace - it amused me because on the back of the box it tells you how many kcals are in it - 6120 per bear - im pretty sure if you ate the full bear you'd probably die, or be violently sick - either or ;) but still, its beautiful and red and yummy looking :)

Ive also had the winter pudding oat so simple - see, i do pay attention to my comments ;) and i cant actually tell you what it tastes like, dont get me wrong - its lush - but im not entirely sure what flavour winter pudding is? either way, its yummy, very yummy and perfect for a cold,grim,grey winter morning.

Following up from my post yesterday about my epic sleep the night before, as per usual with me - i didnt sleep so well last night. I seem to have this stupid pattern of late of 1 or 2 really good nights of kip and then one night of not sleeping. Its a right royal pain in the tushie because frankly, theres only so much time i can spend conscious in my own company before i start finding myself incredibly irritating, its not like theres anywhere i can go to take myself away from the situation, to chill out then return to bed because our doggy sleeps in the dining room/kitchen and as soon as she hears someone coming down stairs she starts getting really exciting and thinks its morning - not really the brightest button - here's a piccie of how i found her the other night when i went into the kitchen to find a drink - and yes, she did arrange the blankets herself;


Anyway, i digress - i got to sleep at about 2 last night - then woke up at half 3 and didnt drop off to sleep till half 6. baaaaddd times. Thank the lord for caffeine pills is all i can say ;)

Ooooh and before i close this post, last night i watched the MOST AWESOME film ever;

Its by the same guy who did Pans Labyrinth (which was also fricking awesome) and because of this it is all in spanish and is subtitled, but its still the creepiest film ive seen in a while with a really nice (in an odd way) ending. I seriously recommend it. I know its subtitled please dont let that put you off, and while im at it - if you havent seen pans labyrinth, dont let the subtitles put you off that either. They truly are superb films.

         Peace out x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Im getting old..

Well, as ive been thoroughly chastised ive decided to post a new blog post, im off until tuesday so ill try and do one tomorrow as well - trouble is, i dont have a great deal going on in my life right now to post blogs that are worth while - still, people want, people get - supply and demand and all that ;)

Last night i had to face up to the fact that im getting old, i didnt feel like going out last night, so i bought myself some naughty booze and stayed home, by 11pm i was flagging, by 12 i couldnt keep my eyes open - and by quarter to 1 i was fast asleep and snuggled up in the land of the nod.

woa woa - whats happening? Im the girl who can go out and dance till 5 in the morning, for my birthday we went around Liverpool in april and it was light when i came home. Even staying in, i can usually watch dvd's and films till gone 3 in the morning - but not last night - hmm seems the effects of working with a cold has caught up on me and my body went into hibernation, i also slept in till 10:30 - tsk - such a rebel ;)

So, yesterday was treat day - and it was good. I had cinnamon french toast for breakfast (my speciality ;) ), sausage roll for lunch (ive been craving that alll week....and it was good ;) ), tesco's version of oven cooked style kfc chicken for tea and a danish afterwards :) plus a teency amount of obligatory chocolate :)   ....................................................................................................................................... back to it today though :) in tesco yesterday i picked up some oat so simple in new flavours, winter pudding and sweet cinnamon - yes, im a cinnamon addict - i will put it into anything i can ;) - so i can have them for breakfast in a morning before work and they are super simple to make, i love them - i used to always get the golden syrup flavour but not had it for a while and when i saw the new flavours i had to have them :)  and the reason i get oat so simple is because im not really a big fan of normal porridge oats - im fussy - i know that and i embrace it :)

Ohhhh and i now have 2 christmas pressies wrapped and with bows etc - and they are looking goooodddd - 2 more will get done today (couldnt do them yesterday coz they are mums and mums at work today) and i need a box for another one so you cant tell what it is so mums picking me one up today and i can wrap that tomorrow, another pressie arrives tomorrow (GUMMMIII!!!! lmao) and then i still need to pick a few things up.... hmmmmm, progress is definately being made. However, i wrap my pressies with all the trimmings, curling ribbon and a bow in the middle - no one else in my family does, tsk - least my pressies are always the best wrapped under the tree? ;)

peace out x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Week 2 Weigh In..

Well, its saturday again - the day that i dread and suffer nervous excitement about all week long - weigh in day. This week i was super good again, i never ate more than 2,000 calories a day and actually averaged out at about 1,900. I worked every day this week, and worked out that during a 6 hour shift (what i averaged this week) i burn off a minimum of 1,920 calories. Thats assuming all i do is stand on till all day, which i pretty much never ever do. So the ingredients are all there for a loss this week, my calories in are less/equal to the calories out - ive been good, but i was still rather nervous this morning about weighing in - i guess i just didnt feel as confident as i did last week, which is somewhat ridiculous as i noticed this week my work trousers are feeling much looser in the tushie/waist area :) good times - great feeling :) so, dear readers, im happy to announce i've lost 3.75lbs this week. Taking it to 12 and 1/4 lbs in 2 week, and even better? i can FINALLY say ive gone down into the next stone bracket, its taken me a while but i got there - im in the 24's now but i'll be in the 23's in no time - i feel much more confident and capable doing this calorie counting bizz than ww.

                                                         check out my halo shine ;)

This week has been the usual dull as dish water week, apart from the fact that im starting to feel really rather christmassy - last year it was seemingly impossible to get into the festive spirit but this year im already get twinklings. I guess thats the problem with working in retail, christmas basically means a whole lot of hard work is coming. That being said, im pretty much sorted on the gift front - Ive got my mum a gold necklace with an 'A' (...her names Ann)  in gold on a diamante background (much nicer than it sounds - and wasnt as cheap as ive made it sound either,lol) and the glee boxset - my brothers got the jedi dressing gown i mentioned in a previous post and a light sabre (because as a family, we are just epicly awesome) and a mug thing that makes slushies. And my daddy dear, well i still need to get him a few lil bits but his main present is being delivered on monday - he adores jelly sweets, so what to get a chronic jelly sweet muncher?  

I've got him the bigger one (not on the stick) in cherry - and im actually really excited about that arriving - he's gonna seriously love it!! argggh, whos an awesome daughter? Mels an awesome daughter...ooohhh yeeaaahhh!!

Then after all the boredom and the monotony, yesterday came - for the past few days my right hand has been feeling kinda stiff? i dunno - not stiff as such but not right, anyway yesterday it clicked into serious pain, its all down the right hand side (pinky side) of my hand and is spreading across my 3 fingers of that side, and its sore and stiff - and it still is. Anyway, i nipped to the walk in centre and its repetitive strain injury from till work :o| how bad is that?? its still sore today, but theres not a lot they can do, so im popping ibuprofen - im off work for 3 days now anyway (woop woop) and they reckon it'll be ok by tuesday so all is good, just a bit of mild perseverance between now and then - and yes, im braving the pain to post a blog entry. I'm just far too good.

And guess what else happened yesterday? My assistant manager is leaving :) :) :) :) ok - some may view the multiple smiley faces as harsh, but know what;

im happy!! lemme break this down for you. She started working in our store - oof - a few month back now? we got a whole new management team, the managers great - the assistant manager did very little but bark orders at all of us for the first month and half of working with us, she flat out refused to integrate herself by being even remotely pleasant, She'd give all of us 1,000 jobs to do at once and then complain when the first one she gave us to do hadnt been finished 5 minutes later. As a result, staff moral went wayyyyyyy down. To the extent that the area manager came into the store and was disgusted at its decline - its not that we weren't trying, it was that we were all running around like headless chickens trying to do everything at once, but we'd also stopped caring. Mr area manager must have had a word with the management team as after that asst manager changed loads, but even now im pretty much convinced she's skitzophrenic. Its not normal, her mood swings at break neck speed always between mini nazi and your best mate, and she also took to calling me hunny bunny ..... do i come across as someone who is a hunny bunny? *shudddersss* uck - she was also the epitome of a girly girl and im pretty sure she didnt like me for my weight/died hair/piercings. Her ordering style was completely off the wall, we have a limited space in the warehouse and as the minute its full to the brim of random ass products we dont need. Its hard to explain, but picture a shelving system in the library - a narrow lil aisle. Well thats one set of racking,we have one set per department - last week toiletries racking was (and still is) full and over flowing and she still ordered £10,000 worh of stock? explanations - on a post card please? Anyway, long story short - she's a twat, and shes leaving. And for the record, it wasnt just me who's thrilled - it was like in a disney film when the baddie dies and then all the animals start coming out from behind the rocks and frolicking and singing again, or like in the wizzard of oz when the witch dies and the munchkins have a party - the minute everyone was told smiles spread across their faces :) so, were getting a new dude from another store - and he cant be as bad as what we've just had :)

goood times.

                                                peace out x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

week one weigh in (again)

ok, so as i actually have a day off ive decided to do a blog post thats a bit more reminiscent of the posts when i first started this blog - longer with more details and more pictures of yours truly to prove im still alive...

see, still very much alive :)

so yeah - this week was the start of my new weight loss plan - im afraid to say i became slightly disillusioned by weight watchers, i cant really put my finger on why, but i just know i started thinking the plan wasn't right for me - despite sticking to points i wasn't eating healthily and that was reflecting on my scales - and yes,i know that ww has now brought out a pro points plan which encourages eating fruit - but i dont know, i truly think im happier eating calories. I was good alllll last week - i mean a saint, i ate so healthily it was shocking - im aiming to eat 2,000 calories a day and last week stuck to those calories and didn't go over once - i ate my 5 a day EVERY day and even better? i loves my bread. i really do - im a eat on the go buttie kinda girl - but last week i really managed to reduce my bread intake and i wasn't even trying - all in all i had a bloody good week :) i didnt eat crisps alllll week, nor did i eat any form of snacky food like biscuits etc and that was reflected on the scales, with a 8.5lb loss!! i cant even tell you how happy that made me? ive had some cornflakes and a grapefruit for breakfast this morning and im on the set for another winning (or losing ;) ) week. This week is going to be a bit more of a challenge as im working a through sporadic shifts, including a 2-8 shift on tuesday, but i'll work around it and all will be well. The only challenge im finding really is re-wiring my brain to not view foods as points but as calories, and i seriously didnt realise how many calories were in a slice of bread, and how much of my 2,000 a buttie can take up - i went into tesco on monday planning on buying a buttie to take to work on the tue and i came out empty handed as i couldnt find one (that wasnt something like Chickie - no mayo, or ham and mustard - the real exciting fillings ya know? ;) ) that was below 700!! thats bloody shocking that is!!

i did however find something bizarre out - i could eat a turkey,cranberry and stuffing buttie for lunch for 679 calories, or i could eat a pot noeldle (thats not a typo ;) ) for 388 calories!! hows does that work? and i know which i preferred, and know what - that noodle was lovely - i know its not healthy as such - but dammit it was good -so good ive planned another one today for lunch,lol - nom nom nom ;) actually, i think theres a nice lil story behind them too; the pot noeldle story

Its funny, all the time ive wasted trying different diets over the past few years - ww,slimming world,slim fast (for like a day - i like to ya know, EAT!) to name but a few but ive never actually tried good old fashioned calorie counting, and i cant, for the life of me, work out why? i can only hope my readers wish me luck on my calorie counting journey and dont turn their back on me now ive abandoned ww :) please. i loves you all lots :) so hopefully, this is the end of my wasting time weight loss journey and the start of success - every second counts ;)

and now, im off to watch the nightmare before christmas and eat my pot noeldle - coz im just that damn cool ;)

                                              peace x

Monday, 8 November 2010

okk....i suck, and my new addition.

ok, so firstly - man i suck at updating this thing lately - for that i can only apologise for, i just dont seem to be very good at finding the time as of late.

secondly. i suck in general, as of yesterday i still hadnt got back on a diet - yesterday i started it, but ive turned my back on the ww way of life and im now calorie counting - good times - its day 2 and im feeling more positive about eating healthily than i have done in quite a while :) fingers crossed eh.

other than that, life has been...well,frankly, as dull as bloody dish water. ive been working - i did go to see John Bishop last wednesday, on friday it was in the papers that he theatened an audience member - and i can honestly say he did. it was wierd - at first everyone thought it was a joke, then it became apparant it wasnt and the atmosphere went so dead. very strange.

The only piece of exciting news happened today, i went to town with my friend and came home with a new addition to my piercing collection. i now have;

  •  navel
  • ears
  • 8mm flesh tunnels in both ears
  • lip/labret
  • scaffolding in my right ear.
:) :) :) :) :) i lovveeee my new scaffolding. And, as im fully aware some people wont be sure what a scaffolding piercing is/looks like. Heres a piccie;

basically its 2 piercings at once, and a bar joining the two - npretty damn hardcore huh?? i love it - but the second photo makes me look like a hamster in the cheek department coz i was laughing when my mum took it. lol

peace x