Saturday, 9 October 2010

The 'C' word.

Hey all.

so this week ive continued with my angelic behaviour when it comes to eating and exercising, i didnt exercise thursday or friday after work as i was sleep-sie. You could argue i was being lazy - and frankly i wont disagree, im just biding my time really and waiting for the new just dance game to come out - i figure thats gonna make me one play it more as im a bit sick of the songs on the current one,sigh. so anyway - ive been good, and ive worked out, and ive noticed one of my pj tops is hanging a bit looser as it was fitted before, similarly i think my work pants are starting to hang a lil better - good times. So really, this week all i was really hoping for was to lose the 3.75 lbs i gained last week. so im pretty happy with my result this week;

oooooh yeah :)

honestly, im feeling pretty motivated right now, i dont know where its come from but im not gonna argue with it :) im allowing myself to eat chocolate one day a week - and granted i go to town on that one day but come sunday im straight back on the healthy eating/exercising wagon - and i feel really good too, i guess i forgot how much eating healthily effects your mood during my fall from grace. :)

So i figured id make this blog about the 'C' word. Its the one that fills me with dread when i hear it, its Christmas.

Dont get me wrong, im not a grinch. I love christmas, its just that i loathe it in equal measures. I love christmas once its christmas eve and im home from work and the presents are under the tree and everythings lovely. I loathe the run up - working in retail will do that to you - and i loathe the implications it has on my diet as i know i wont be sticking to points over xmas, but xmas seems to start mid october now - this year inm DETERMINED to be good up untill christmas eve, which is slightly difficult when i work till 9 most nights close to christmas, and im stressed beyond belief as customers really start to mouth off at you - uck - be nice this year, be nice to the staff in shops - it really isnt their fault, they are trying really hard. please? for lil ole' me?

On the plus side, this week i started my christmas shopping. I know right?? Thing is, ive decided to split it up over the next few months so im spreading the cost but also once the festive season really starts to kick in i tend to live at work. Soooo.... i ordered my brother this;
a JEDI BATH ROBE!! you heard me, A JEDI BATH ROBE!! you knows thats awesome!! now, my brothers 32 but has pretty much grown old and not up - he will adore this!! im also gonna buy him a cheap lil light saber, lmao - and a crate of toffifee sweets from work - 10 boxes in a case - sorted :) Mums getting the glee box set (...uck) and a gold chain :) and i dont know what to get my dad.... hmmm.... suggestions on a post card please?

For me, this is also the season of Lush.

i buy lush bath things twice a year, i tend to spend all my birthday money on them in may, and then as soon as the christmas stock hits down i order loads of it. This week i got an email saying they had arrived. Sooo...ive ordered LOADS. :) christmassy and none christmassy  - the christmas lush things are the only thing that help me feel remotely christmassy when im in a foul mood after a bad busy day in work - hopefully were gonna take on some christmas temps this year that will make life much easier - but i also have a tradition - come home from work on christmas eve, i have a lush bath with a glass of wine and my book, i put on the pj's and i chill. sweet. :) i got my box of lush goodies on thursday and i had a lush bath the same night - using one called Twilight which was so stunning its hard to put into words. It turned the water,pink,then pink and blue then eventually a lovely purple/night sky colour and it smelled soooo good :) really chilled me out, and the smell lingered on my skin throughout yesterday :) and my skin feel soft :) ok - enough lush ramblings.

i guess thats really it now, i keep saying to myself that im gonna make an effort to post a blog more than once a week - but as a rule, when i really sit down to think about it -

my life just isnt that exciting for me to post more than one a week.

hmmmm - well, on that depressing,dark clouded, empty selfed note ( i joke, i joke... i kid,i kid ;) ) i shall end this blog :)

                                 peace out people x and thanks for reading :) x

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