Friday, 29 October 2010

Long time no see....


my bad on the total none-bloggage, but life has been epicly insane. the twilight shifts in work have started early, meaning a few nights a week ill be working till 8. im also contracted to work weekends now, oh the joys, and last weekend i covered for a work mate and worked her weekened - no worries - 'cept i had to work 7 days without a day off - and on my 7th day i worked till 9pm - argh - that pretty much killed me off. On top of that, ive been decorating and completely over hauling my bedroom into my version of the dream room - this means my diet has gone to crap - food has pretty much been eat whatever was quick and simple and easy and took no longer than 5 minutes to prepate - pretty much lots of unhealthy rubbish. and it gets worse - drinks have been of the caffinated energy variety. but seriously, all ive been doing is working and working on my room. at one point last week i couldnt actually lift my arms - that was bad. my muscles hated me for days - and i hated them equally for complaining. when i got home from work on wednesday (i really had to think about that - i have no idea how what day it is - my 7 day stint caused that) my back felt broken - painting walls, moving furniture,working and doing delivery around it seriously didnt help. :o\

day 1 - i moved a wardrobe out of my room ON MY OWN. moved my bed across the room ON MY OWN. moved the television.

day 2 - i took the door off my cupboard behind my tele (see below on pics) and sorted the cupboard - tons of my toys from when i was a kiddie and all my kids books - serious blast from the past. specially when i found my memory boxes i kept up till i was about 15/16.

------------nothing, i had to wait for a day off--------------

day (lets just call it 3 to keep it simple) - ventured in to town to b and q - got paint, and curtains, mirrors,and general bits for my room. painted one wall.

day 4 - painted the rest of the walls - each getting 2 coats each.


-----waiting for a day off again------

day 6 - gloss paint - alll done - things put up on walls.curtains up. new sexy duvet cover put on.

all in all it took me 3 weeks - because some days i just couldnt possibly fit any labour in around work. anyway piccies - :)


now :) :) :) ;

you have no idea how proud of myself i am :) :)

and i pinky promise to get back on diet on monday - and also before i go - i got to see john bishop on wednesday... sqqquueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

peace x


  1. It looks AWESOME!!!!!! So jealous of you seeing John :(


  2. Looks great! So you, and you can tell how much hard work went into it! Especially love the What Would Elvis Do sign, lol!