Sunday, 16 January 2011

Just a quickie

Well, as my life always seem to go, something falls in to line, and then something else veers off course and i end up losing the plot entirely.

This weeks 'something else' - SLEEP.

For those that dont know, i suffer from insomnia - and have done on and off since i was 12 (i was in a rta so i dont know if that caused it or not) i go through phases of hibernation when i go to bed and get a good solid 9-10 hours shut eye, and then i go through phases where no matter what i do i just can not get to sleep - cruelly im usually exhausted as well, but my brain wont shut the hell up and im still awake - it was that bad before christmas i actually removed the clock from my bedroom in frustration, and its yet to return. uck. This week has been pretty damn severe, getting to sleep at around 5am most mornings and surfacing again at 9. Ive been on the afternoon shift in work which SHOULD mean a lie in, but alas, the noises of the world dont stop because i didnt sleep well - and we have pretty noisy neighbours at the best if time, the dude on one side of us drills at stupid-o-clock and the old lady and her son on the other side seem to like arguing in her bedroom best of all, which shares a wall with my bedroom and they dont just argue - they ARGUE! So the theme for the week has ended up being energy drinks, which we all know are calorie loaded but after 4 hours of poor quality sleep standing for 4 hours is a git, never mind trying to stand and serve on a till and be perky for 4 hours. uck, such a joke :(

energy drinks + sugary snacks + no sleep = a mel in a shitty mood and a gain of epic proportions :(

im back to it today though, and whilst im still gonna exercise im gonna try and walk before i can run and not beat myself up for skipping a work out - which i do. One of my pals has also recommended i try dieting based on my basal metabolic rate, which is basically how many kcals id burn if i stayed in bed alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day long and did shite all, apparently eating 500-1000 less can effect your metabolism which sucks, and so im aimed at 2,439 kcals a day now - i'll prob still eat around 2,000 but ive been averaging 1,700 so that may explain my sluggishness and general resilience to well, you know... move. lol.

peace out x


  1. I could have just created a new diet craze, I'll make millions once I have our success stories to share aswell! Lol.

    I heard once that the first rule of dieting is thou shalt not get hungry. I'll probably still eat around 2000 a day especially if not exercising, so at least we have the extra cushion if needed on particular days or time of the month!

    Let's rock and roll!