Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year. New Me.

First things first i guess, i lost 5.25 lbs last week which i was thrilled with, and it inspired me to setting myself a lil challenge for my birthday, to lose 2.5 st in what was 18 weeks, this averages out at less than 2lb a week so is very do-able. 17 weeks to go. That being said, this week got off to a stuttering start - i was good on sunday, ate right, went to work and came home and exercised, but then yesterday i didnt eat right, i didnt do exercise and i had some vino - uck -gonna get back on it today, having a subway for lunch which is always good :)

But more on the New Year, New Me resolution, since around october my hair has desperately needed cutting, but i was lazy and didnt go. For about 2 months now ive been looking around for a new hair style because mine was boring me, and every time i saw one haircut i felt jealous of the person with it and decided it was the cut for me. It was however drastic. So, after taking a good while to think about it i decided to go and get it done yesterday, and believe me - i was more nervous going there than i was when i went for my lip or my scaffold pierced - how insane is that? Before i went i took a photo, for your viewing pleasures;

Take note of the complete lack of ... well.... style. My layers had grown out, as had my fringe, plus i have thick hair which is why it is really big at the back (however, look - no roots,lol). Lets be honest, its the hair of someone who has worked constantly for the past how ever many weeks and has pretty much lived with it tied back, in a bun or in bunches (coz im cool like that ;) ). So, off i toddle to the hair dressers - alone - eeep - and im pretty sure i left the vast majority of my hair in the hair dressers, and dammit - it feeeelsss goooddd.


Its settled down a bit now, so its not as much in my eyes - you like it? I LOVES IT!!! i feels so light and just not weighed down anymore, and i think its very me, and i can rock it up with some wax and away i go :) i do however, keep brushing my neck when im brushing my hair because i forget theres no hair there anymore. lol. sqqqueeeee i loves it :)

new year. new me.

peace out peepsies x

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  1. Looking good! Definitely in keeping with the new year new you theme. Does it give you renewed pzazz and vigour to keep on the straight and narrow?