Thursday, 6 January 2011

Progress Report and Dvd Review.

Ok, so im still on track - and yes its only been 2 days but when i say on track what i should really say is ; 'dang, ive been the saintliest saint when it comes to healthy eating', actually, i can add exercise to what ive been the saintliest saint at as well, but more on that a lil later :)

So, ive been counting my calories like a good 'un, and so far have come in under 2,000 on both days, yesterday was 1,920 and the day before was 1,880. So i know its only barely, but its still coming in under 2,000 which is the main thing. Especially as seeing as we all had the flu last week we still have the vast majority of our christmas food in, like 1/2 a tin of quality street, crisps, mixed nuts in shells, peanuts, profiteroles, mince pies and 1/4 of my christmas cake i made (again, more on that a lil later). Not to the mention the booze we still have left over, so being good has taken some real will power but like i said in my previous post, 2011 is my year. So im feeling pretty damn motivated right now. I started back at work yesterday and im working all weekend, which works out nice because it means i wont lose any money in next weeks pay packet, but they are all nice short shifts (2-6's and one 1-5) which means eating around them is a cinch :) plus it means im getting broken in quite nicely after my flu-ey-ness. Of course now every other person in work (who are known for slacking - and one of thems a good friend of mine but she does pull a fast one if she can get away with it) are all off with the flu now, i think most of them coming back today so that'll be good.

Now, exercise. And i know its only day 2 of being good, but im also on day 2 of exercising as well. One of my stocking fillers for xmas was this; 

its quite an old dvd, but it is awesome!! im currently working at level one, it does say to follow it as a 7 day work out plan adding more workouts each day but that'll kill me, so im just doing the warm up, one routine and the cool down each night thus far. And my god - THE PAIN! - dont get me wrong, its fantastic, the work outs are pretty intense because they are all about maximising the time rather than working out for hours and hours, angie is a fantastic trainer - i love her, and think id like her to be my trainer, maybe she'll read this and take pity on me? if that the case - she's very pretty too. lol, and richard is, to be fair, a bit of a fitty :op but im really enjoying doing it, last night i did richards section - 'bums and tums;cardio tone' and i was sweating and my bum muscle hurt afterwards. lol. Its nice, because its old contestants of t.b.l uk and some of them still have a lil weight to lose in it so they struggle along with you, and the trainers get a sweat on - thats pretty much unheard of isnt it?? if your thinking of getting a new workout dvd dont go for one of those celebrity ones, get this baby - its only like a fiver on too ;) So.... im doing this, it takes me 35 mins for the 3 sections (my real problem is i always have found cool downs immensely boring, so i have to make myself do them..ick) and then on days when im not doing this i'll be sticking my just dance,just dance 2 or m.j experience games on the wii and dancing away, and will be having 1 or 2 rest days a week. Oooh check me out, i've even dusted off my work out trainers and purchased a sports bra. No stopping me now huh? ;)

On a final note, what with all the excitement of my last blog post and so much to catch up on etc, i totally forgot about the christmas cake i made from scratch - tttaaaaa-ddddaaaaaa;

what you think of this baby? i took some in work and its gone down ridiculously well, the warehouse guy cant get enough of it and now every ones waiting for me to make my next lil project - cheesecake :) i think maybe when i told people i liked to bake no one ever really took me on, and thought it was rubbish, but now.... ah-ha... i told 'em i was good :) not just a pretty face and all that,lol,

peace out peepsies x

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