Monday, 8 November 2010

okk....i suck, and my new addition.

ok, so firstly - man i suck at updating this thing lately - for that i can only apologise for, i just dont seem to be very good at finding the time as of late.

secondly. i suck in general, as of yesterday i still hadnt got back on a diet - yesterday i started it, but ive turned my back on the ww way of life and im now calorie counting - good times - its day 2 and im feeling more positive about eating healthily than i have done in quite a while :) fingers crossed eh.

other than that, life has been...well,frankly, as dull as bloody dish water. ive been working - i did go to see John Bishop last wednesday, on friday it was in the papers that he theatened an audience member - and i can honestly say he did. it was wierd - at first everyone thought it was a joke, then it became apparant it wasnt and the atmosphere went so dead. very strange.

The only piece of exciting news happened today, i went to town with my friend and came home with a new addition to my piercing collection. i now have;

  •  navel
  • ears
  • 8mm flesh tunnels in both ears
  • lip/labret
  • scaffolding in my right ear.
:) :) :) :) :) i lovveeee my new scaffolding. And, as im fully aware some people wont be sure what a scaffolding piercing is/looks like. Heres a piccie;

basically its 2 piercings at once, and a bar joining the two - npretty damn hardcore huh?? i love it - but the second photo makes me look like a hamster in the cheek department coz i was laughing when my mum took it. lol

peace x

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  1. Hardcore is right, scary! Still I admire people that can have things like that done, I'm too much of a wuss!
    With you on the calorie counting too, and you chose the right time since they've changed everything on WW!