Monday, 21 April 2014

It's a Rough month when Easter and Monthlies appear at the same time.....

Firstly, and foremost, Happy Easter to all my followers and people who stumble across this page (Or Happy Chocolate Egg for those fellow unrelgious people out there :) )
I would love to say I made it through. That I looked the Easter Bunny in his eyes and said 'No chocolate for me thanks, I'm dieting' but alas, I made it through to about 6 last night, and then went on and all out choco fest. Not even on eggs, as I didn't even buy them as I knew that Easter and my monthly 'Eat everything that isn't nailed down or moving too quickly' fest collided this year and, thinking damage limitation and all, I didn't buy any (something which is much easier to do as I don't have kiddiewinks). However, we did have cookies, and kitkats and fruit cake in the house. Notice the use of the word, DID. siiiigggghhhh. Ah well, back to being good today. I'm not expecting a loss this week due to the fore mentioned lady-ness, but that doesn't mean I have an excuse to not be good.

My sticker chart is still in good use, at the end of last week (so last night as my chart runs Monday to Monday) it looked like this;

As I'm aiming to do at least 50% of challenges a week I managed to do it and get a Gold star at the end of the week. I managed to;

  • Drink 3 bottles of water at least 3 times a week (about 2 litres)
  • Walk at least 6 recreational miles (not going to the shop because I needed to etc)
  • Do a total of 100 squats
  • Eat no more than 15 propoints for my supper at least 3 times a week.
  • Do a total of 100 wall push ups
  • Make my Graze box last by eating only one punnet a day,
  • Jog/march on the spot for the duration of one song. (This weeks was predictably, Eye of The Tiger,lol)
  • Eat no Crisps on any day but weigh in day.
  • Walk to tesco to do my food shop  (2 miles, I am allowed to get a taxi back,lol)
  • Do a total of 30 x Knee to hand touches.
  • Reduce milky brews down to 2 cups a day at least twice a week.

I also did my Davina fit in 15 once, went up and down the stairs for 5 repetitions once, and 115 sit ups - I had a 85 deficit on those, so no star.

And today it starts allllllllllll over again. Woop Woop, lol. Once I'm doing the exercise I'm fine, it's my get up and go that lets me down - That and I'm just beyond hooked on Breaking Bad right now. I'm up to season 5 so not long left, then i'll be left with a black hole-esque void in my life I'm sure. 

Anyway -Time for me to close this post. I'll blog again soon. 

Be good ya'll.

peace out :)

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