Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What the Hell have I got myself into this time?

Evening One and All.

This is an exciting blog for me, not least because it's Wednesday which is Graze Box day.

I have two because, well to be honest - I stole my other half's bank details and email address so I could set up a new account and get a free box. Yes I kow, Naughty Mel.But with them being so yummy and all, who can blame me?

But also because I have exciting news to share. I was very very stupid yesterday, or brave, dependent on how you look at it. And I only went and signed up for the RACE FOR LIFE!!

As some of you know, my Mum was touch and go for a while, and we eventually discovered it was None Hodgkins Lymphoma - so Cancer Research is something very dear to my heart indeed. It''s for an awesome cause really - I'll be putting a link to my Just Giving page on this side of the screen shortly --------> If you have anything spare I would love it if you could donate something. I know it's cheeky to ask really, but at the size I am even this little 5k is going to kill me off.

I went out last night and walked 5k to get a grasp of how long it would take me, it took me 1 hour 12 minutes. That is shocking! And in the next 10 week's I need to shave time off that dramatically. On the plus side, I know I can walk 5k and I have a starting time. I have put this on my fridge. 

On it has my starting time as well as 10 weeks to go, 9 weeks to go etc and a space for me to put my time  on it so hopefully I'll be shaving time off it in the next few weeks. I would be lying if I said I was confident. I'd also be lying if I said I intend to run it. I want to run SOME of it. Honestly, i'd be thrilled if I could run just 1k of it, I intend to start doing Zombie Run now in the house (on the spot - I'm too poor to own a treadmill - I considered buying a manual powered one but the thought of spending £90 on something I basically power myself sent me a lil queasy) and head out to do a 5k a couple of times a week. I think I would have done better last night but just as I got up to the so called quiet area I felt comfortable to practise in a couple came out walking their dog and then they bumped into someone they knew and proceeded to talk for a full hour while I walked 5k! I shouldn't feel embarrassed by taking the first step, I know that, especially not when I literally did about 500% more physical activity last night than the skinny people did who were watching me, but I do. And it saddens me that it does. But regardless, I am going to do this 5k! And even if I'm last I'm going to finish! My Mr is coming to cheer me on and I'm pretty sure I have pink tutu somewhere (bought as fancy dress, not just because I love the feel of a tutu, mmmm scratchy fabric). So dear readers, I may need some moral support in the next few weeks.

One question I do have, is why the EFF were my arms aching so much last night, seriously they were hurting more than my legs?! I must walk like a toy soldier or something - ugh.

Anyway, Thats about it. I'm off to chow down on part of my Graze Box. Sticky Toffee Pudding. Mmmmm - I've tried it all together like your supposed to, and it really does taste like chocolate pudding (fyi, the chocolate in Graze Boxes are amazing)

Green raisins, who knew they existed???

peace out.


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