Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What a difference a week makes.

So, as you know I have my challenge list at the moment, and I'm finding it surprisingly motivational. There's something about putting star stickers on my chart that must speak to my inner child or something, I don't know - anyway - metallic star stickers make me happy.
Not only that, I'm noticing a distinct difference in what I can manage and it's only been a week. For example, last week when I tried wall push-ups I could only handle 20 without my muscles shaking and throbbing and me whimpering, yesterday I did 60. 60 all at once! Looks like I will definitely be upping that goal after my four week appraisal period as after 4 weeks I'm not exactly sure 100 will be a challenge. I just did my jogging on the spot challenge to one song. And I jogged for a full 1 minute and 30 seconds, and then only breaked for a 15 second marching session. I am so proud of myself, I felt good. And yes I know 1:30 is nothing. But it's all about baby steps. This week's song of choice was Serj Tankian - Empty Walls, and it felt good jogging to that. I don't know, maybe you'll like the song too - maybe you wont, but here's a link you should check it out :)

It is also, incidentally, an awesome video of epic proportions.

I also weighed in today, a day early as tomorrow I have a dr's appt at stupid o'clock so I'll be up and out for about 7:30am and I am not a morning person, so I will be getting up at 7:15 - yes I'm an up and out person. Anyway it was -2lbs which I'm thrilled with but it still means I've only lost 21lb as I gained weight when I was, for lack of a better word, dicking about. But the better news is I took my measurements, I do this every 5 weeks as I learned a long time a go that lbs lost is not the only way to monitor weight loss. So, since I started taking measurements in week 5 (today is week 15) I have lost 4.5 inches off my bust!! 2.5 inches off my waist!! and a whopping 5 inches off my hips!!! Which takes my inches lost up to 10inches! Now i know, that means nothing unless i quantify it, sooooo 
How freaking impressive is that?!? I'm well chuffed with myself. This is my happy face;
I know I know, it's not exactly a smile tastic photo. I'm not wearing hardly any make up and my air is scrawped back but, I promise you - I'm happy. lol

Tbh that is all I have to say, as always feel follow me on twitter, my name is at the top of the page on this side -----------> :)

Peace out peeps :)

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