Sunday, 14 November 2010

week one weigh in (again)

ok, so as i actually have a day off ive decided to do a blog post thats a bit more reminiscent of the posts when i first started this blog - longer with more details and more pictures of yours truly to prove im still alive...

see, still very much alive :)

so yeah - this week was the start of my new weight loss plan - im afraid to say i became slightly disillusioned by weight watchers, i cant really put my finger on why, but i just know i started thinking the plan wasn't right for me - despite sticking to points i wasn't eating healthily and that was reflecting on my scales - and yes,i know that ww has now brought out a pro points plan which encourages eating fruit - but i dont know, i truly think im happier eating calories. I was good alllll last week - i mean a saint, i ate so healthily it was shocking - im aiming to eat 2,000 calories a day and last week stuck to those calories and didn't go over once - i ate my 5 a day EVERY day and even better? i loves my bread. i really do - im a eat on the go buttie kinda girl - but last week i really managed to reduce my bread intake and i wasn't even trying - all in all i had a bloody good week :) i didnt eat crisps alllll week, nor did i eat any form of snacky food like biscuits etc and that was reflected on the scales, with a 8.5lb loss!! i cant even tell you how happy that made me? ive had some cornflakes and a grapefruit for breakfast this morning and im on the set for another winning (or losing ;) ) week. This week is going to be a bit more of a challenge as im working a through sporadic shifts, including a 2-8 shift on tuesday, but i'll work around it and all will be well. The only challenge im finding really is re-wiring my brain to not view foods as points but as calories, and i seriously didnt realise how many calories were in a slice of bread, and how much of my 2,000 a buttie can take up - i went into tesco on monday planning on buying a buttie to take to work on the tue and i came out empty handed as i couldnt find one (that wasnt something like Chickie - no mayo, or ham and mustard - the real exciting fillings ya know? ;) ) that was below 700!! thats bloody shocking that is!!

i did however find something bizarre out - i could eat a turkey,cranberry and stuffing buttie for lunch for 679 calories, or i could eat a pot noeldle (thats not a typo ;) ) for 388 calories!! hows does that work? and i know which i preferred, and know what - that noodle was lovely - i know its not healthy as such - but dammit it was good -so good ive planned another one today for lunch,lol - nom nom nom ;) actually, i think theres a nice lil story behind them too; the pot noeldle story

Its funny, all the time ive wasted trying different diets over the past few years - ww,slimming world,slim fast (for like a day - i like to ya know, EAT!) to name but a few but ive never actually tried good old fashioned calorie counting, and i cant, for the life of me, work out why? i can only hope my readers wish me luck on my calorie counting journey and dont turn their back on me now ive abandoned ww :) please. i loves you all lots :) so hopefully, this is the end of my wasting time weight loss journey and the start of success - every second counts ;)

and now, im off to watch the nightmare before christmas and eat my pot noeldle - coz im just that damn cool ;)

                                              peace x

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  1. Sounds good! You know I'm with you on this one baby, there's no way we can fail! What's more basic than the calories in calories out idea?

    I've sometimes thought that ww points could be a bit deceiving anyway, like you never really know how many cals you're eating, even if the points amount on the day is the same, the calorie intake could be different (I've found this when I've sat and worked it out)

    Here's to a successful week 2 xx