Monday, 22 November 2010

Letting my fingers do the talking...

So as of yet i have no idea what im going to blog about in this here post, but seeing as my next blog post will be on sunday (next day off today after today) i figured i should probably make an effort to post something or other. Im pretty much just gonna type and see where my fingers take me - so i feel i should apologise in advance if this post makes no sense and is a bit all over the place.

I guess i should start by saying my hand feels much better now, but im going back to work tomorrow so im hoping the pains dont start again - thats the last thing i need at this time of year really, still -  i guess i'll just need to pop ibuprofen in case that happens. sigh.

In other news, my dads christmas gummi bear has arrived, and i swear to god its the most beautiful sweetie ive ever seen in my life, im not big on jelly sweets but even i want to start chewing on its head - im gonna need to wrap it swiftly me thinks before my temptations get the better of me, for £30 its not really a gift i can easily replace - it amused me because on the back of the box it tells you how many kcals are in it - 6120 per bear - im pretty sure if you ate the full bear you'd probably die, or be violently sick - either or ;) but still, its beautiful and red and yummy looking :)

Ive also had the winter pudding oat so simple - see, i do pay attention to my comments ;) and i cant actually tell you what it tastes like, dont get me wrong - its lush - but im not entirely sure what flavour winter pudding is? either way, its yummy, very yummy and perfect for a cold,grim,grey winter morning.

Following up from my post yesterday about my epic sleep the night before, as per usual with me - i didnt sleep so well last night. I seem to have this stupid pattern of late of 1 or 2 really good nights of kip and then one night of not sleeping. Its a right royal pain in the tushie because frankly, theres only so much time i can spend conscious in my own company before i start finding myself incredibly irritating, its not like theres anywhere i can go to take myself away from the situation, to chill out then return to bed because our doggy sleeps in the dining room/kitchen and as soon as she hears someone coming down stairs she starts getting really exciting and thinks its morning - not really the brightest button - here's a piccie of how i found her the other night when i went into the kitchen to find a drink - and yes, she did arrange the blankets herself;


Anyway, i digress - i got to sleep at about 2 last night - then woke up at half 3 and didnt drop off to sleep till half 6. baaaaddd times. Thank the lord for caffeine pills is all i can say ;)

Ooooh and before i close this post, last night i watched the MOST AWESOME film ever;

Its by the same guy who did Pans Labyrinth (which was also fricking awesome) and because of this it is all in spanish and is subtitled, but its still the creepiest film ive seen in a while with a really nice (in an odd way) ending. I seriously recommend it. I know its subtitled please dont let that put you off, and while im at it - if you havent seen pans labyrinth, dont let the subtitles put you off that either. They truly are superb films.

         Peace out x

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