Sunday, 21 November 2010

Im getting old..

Well, as ive been thoroughly chastised ive decided to post a new blog post, im off until tuesday so ill try and do one tomorrow as well - trouble is, i dont have a great deal going on in my life right now to post blogs that are worth while - still, people want, people get - supply and demand and all that ;)

Last night i had to face up to the fact that im getting old, i didnt feel like going out last night, so i bought myself some naughty booze and stayed home, by 11pm i was flagging, by 12 i couldnt keep my eyes open - and by quarter to 1 i was fast asleep and snuggled up in the land of the nod.

woa woa - whats happening? Im the girl who can go out and dance till 5 in the morning, for my birthday we went around Liverpool in april and it was light when i came home. Even staying in, i can usually watch dvd's and films till gone 3 in the morning - but not last night - hmm seems the effects of working with a cold has caught up on me and my body went into hibernation, i also slept in till 10:30 - tsk - such a rebel ;)

So, yesterday was treat day - and it was good. I had cinnamon french toast for breakfast (my speciality ;) ), sausage roll for lunch (ive been craving that alll week....and it was good ;) ), tesco's version of oven cooked style kfc chicken for tea and a danish afterwards :) plus a teency amount of obligatory chocolate :)   ....................................................................................................................................... back to it today though :) in tesco yesterday i picked up some oat so simple in new flavours, winter pudding and sweet cinnamon - yes, im a cinnamon addict - i will put it into anything i can ;) - so i can have them for breakfast in a morning before work and they are super simple to make, i love them - i used to always get the golden syrup flavour but not had it for a while and when i saw the new flavours i had to have them :)  and the reason i get oat so simple is because im not really a big fan of normal porridge oats - im fussy - i know that and i embrace it :)

Ohhhh and i now have 2 christmas pressies wrapped and with bows etc - and they are looking goooodddd - 2 more will get done today (couldnt do them yesterday coz they are mums and mums at work today) and i need a box for another one so you cant tell what it is so mums picking me one up today and i can wrap that tomorrow, another pressie arrives tomorrow (GUMMMIII!!!! lmao) and then i still need to pick a few things up.... hmmmmm, progress is definately being made. However, i wrap my pressies with all the trimmings, curling ribbon and a bow in the middle - no one else in my family does, tsk - least my pressies are always the best wrapped under the tree? ;)

peace out x


  1. See now, was that so hard?! lol
    And anyway, you bitch about it but if you hadn't blogged today I would never have found out about the new flavours of oatso simple that I am now desperate to try! Especially the cinnamon one, yum! Depends what the winter pudding one consists of though, I've never heard of it! (unless it's their version of Christmas pudding, in which case I'll pass)

    So you see, everyone benefits from a Mel blog post! ;)

    Keep it up girlie! xxx