Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Woes of an Insomniac..

So this is gonna be a short post, especially as im breaking my 'only blog on days off' rule to post this, but i felt like needed to share this on the off chance anyone else who reads this blog also has trouble sleeping. Plus im on the 12-8 shift today (late night opening - imagine my delight!!).

I. Do. Not. Sleep. Well. And whilst i do have sleeping pills im loathe to take them most of the time as i dont want to rely on them and im the type of person who would. Some nights ill still be awake at 6am and frankly, my own personality really starts to grate on me by then. I get so annoyed and frustrated with myself which doesnt help and certainly hinders the chances of me drifting off to sleep. I know your meant to walk away from the bedroom, and go to another room until you feel sleepy again but that isnt possible for me, i live with my parents and our dog sleeps downstairs so i cant go down, so night before last - at around 3am i was still awake, and started browsing the internet on my phone to distract myself (god bless smart phones and a wifi connection :) ) and i came across this website;

Click Me.

And found it really interesting, i tried the toe wiggle technique and the tummy rub, and then deep breathing and i was asleep for 4 :) so last night i tried the same thing, i turned my light off at 12:45 (im a night owl ;) ) and was asleep for 1, and only woke up a few times in the night - but i pretty much slept through till 9am :) im pretty damn impressed. I also felt better because after reading the tips it made me realise i wasnt alone in my long nights :)

Diet wise, i dunno - im being super good despite the long days and stupid arse shifts ( i hate finishing at 8, and i did it on tue too - that was to work delivery - ahhh late nights, just another reason why i love and hate christmas in equal measures) but im struggling with the fact that once a month my body decides to deal with its hormonal imbalance my attempting to force me into the entire contents of the kitchen as well as acting a macabre sponge by retaining as much water as physically possible, uck. Only time will tell, but frankly, if i can stay the same this week i'll be bloody thrilled! :o\

                                                              peace x

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