Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My tip for weight loss.....

change from a lip stud to to a lip twister bar! (not the best of pictures i grant you)

yes, it looks fricking awesome and is very much 'rock' but i cant drink without a straw (i can drink from bottles, just not glasses) without dribbling (oooof, super sexy) and i need to think of a whole new way to eat... lol


  1. I love it, I so would have this kind of piercing if my job wasn't what it was.

  2. im really quite lucky, i work in retail but they are fine with it all.

    is it wrong i quite like the wary look i get from old people that melts into peace when i smile at them? lol.

    its just taking a lot of getting used to - trust me, dribbling is not an attractive look! lol

    as always, thanks for the comment :)

    peace x

  3. Looking gorgeous as ever! I love getting those looks from people too, my fave is when I call into work in my own clothes instead of sensible office Lex! xxx

  4. aww shucks thanks hun, i took that when i got home from work and i'd got cought in the rain - never good, but it does explain the distinct lack of eye liner compared to usual. :p currently drinking tea through a straw, lmao - you knows im cool ;)

    thanks for commenting hun, peace x

  5. Lol, I could not carry that off at all I don't think...but I could use a weight loss boost so maybe...