Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Key to Weightloss....

Ive discovered the key to weight loss - its so simple really, and in some ways im sorry to have to say this, but the key to weight loss - the best way of melting away those lbs - is, unfortunately, diet and exercise. Sigh - anti climatic i know, but also very very true. This past week ive exercised my tushie off - every day i danced on my wii, and then following my blog post i WALKED the 2 miles into town (i know, walked!) it was up 3/4 of the way, and it was a walk i used to take regularly when i was a gym bunny (when i was made redundant i had to quit...bad times) and to be honest, at parts i found it tough - but i felt SO good knowing id done it! I then walked around tesco, and then went to a wedding on  the night - and can i say, i, me, MEL got up and danced. I never get up and dance at weddings etc, i cant really say why - its something im not sure of - self conscious i guess, but yep - i got up and danced and i was hot, and worked up a bit of a sweat along with everyone else. :)

So when, i stepped onto the scales on saturday morning, i'll be honest, i was feeling optimistic - but there was no way in hell i was expecting to lose 10lbs!!!!! so unfortunately, i can now say its true - exercising helps you lose weight - sorry to report that guys and girls ;)  however, who ever said exercise is good for you lied, judging by the aches and pains in muscles, exercise is the opposite of good for you! lol. This week im going back to work (sigh) but im still gonna im to go on my wii every night after work, im even looking into buying this ;
i know its meant to be scary hard, but in 20 min intervals i think i can handle scary hard? any reviews would be luvverly. thinking it may break up the monotony of just doing rhe same just dance game every night after work?

today ive set myself a challenge, i have the claire from steps work out dvd - the one with the army guys (swit swoooo) and ive never got more than 10 mins in - hardly good, but it is a toughie - and when ive tried it before ive never felt this motivated to feel the burn, soo - my challenge is to put that dvd on and do at least 30 mins!! i shall report on my progress on that one later this week.

so yeah, motivation wise - times are good my friends, times are good :)

                             peace out x


  1. I have the 30 day shred - and it is bloody hard! The most I have managed is 5 days in a row - and that caused me much pain in all areas of my body.

    But... don't let that put you off. I would say it definitely works and its a quick work out when you only have a spare 30 mins. Worth investing in if you can get it cheapo off t'interweb.

    Be prepared to sweat though!


  2. arr problemo solved. Just dance 2 comes out on the 15th october and ice pre-ordered it! good times :) x

  3. Probably a good choice of Just Dance instead, I have the Shred and even though I've only managed at most 15/20 mins of level 1, I can see it might get a bit repetitive and boring. But then I guess it's the same with most dvds, only so long before you know exactly what they'll say and when! Oh and Jillian didn't even shout! xx