Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weigh in Week Four, Aches and Pains and The Start of a New Challenge.

ok, so first things first, lets start from the very beginning as its a very good place to start and all that jazz ( ;) ), this week i lost 6lbs, happy? you bet ya! motivated? yessums. so really, times are good :) i knows i had a shaky start to the week but i made a good attempt at pulling it back and it seems it worked - good times;

i feel i should apologise at this point, briefly, as they won't be any photos of me aka the mel on this blog post, im exhausted today, and i cant be bothered putting make up on and trust me, without make up - well, its a sight that would make small children cry and animals flee from their habitat ;) so yeah, no facial photos of melly pops in this post, i'll let you decide whether thats a good or a bad thing :)

I think it's fair to say that this week had marked the arrival of autumn for most people, the weathers strange here, warm and sunny one minute then warm and pounding it down with rain the next, not the best - i actually love autumn and winter, i love coming home from work in the dark and all the houses looking warm and inviting (even on the council estate on which i live, mental note - dont think 'shameless' at this point, its no where near that bad ), getting home,  putting on the pj's and slippers, and snuggling down with a cuppa and listening to the elements do their worst outside. I seriously LOVE the cold. Im not normal, ive accepted that and moved on - and if you follow my blog i can only assume you've accepted my mental-ness and embraced it, a virtual hug goes out to ya'll. anyway - i digress (as per usual), as much as i love the cold weather and the rain and the wind, the rain causes me a few wee problems now im getting older (23!!!!) my dodgy leg seriously dislikes rain and damp and cold, i feel a wee back story is required here...

for those that dont know, when i was 12 i was involved in a road traffic accident, i say i was involved - basically a black (london-esque, not racism ;) ) taxi plowed me down and i went for a lil trip through the sky (12 feet forward, 10 feet in the air) - i'd got off the school bus, crossed the road and the taxi came speeding round and down i went (technically, i went up then down ;) ) - before anyone asks, my parents did try to get me compensation but my only adult witness took a bribe from the company, how nice - i feel no resentment for the shrew faced bitch witch from hell, honestly. So yeah, i went for a ride through the air and my shoes flew off somewhere and i landed and luckily landed at an angle that didnt mean broken back/neck - however i did bonce across the gravel a wee bit and got a fair few gravel burns in the process - i remember it all too, the flying, the landing, the pain, the embarrassment - yes i was embarrassed, go figure. anyway, i snapped my right shin - well the taxi bumper did that, but i was whisked away to hospital for an operation which included gravel removal and bone manipulation, the manipulation didnt work so i had my leg plated;

bad quality pic i know, its a photo of a photo... but its a pink cast :)

hello gnarly scar;

its ok now really, coz its faded lots, but its still a good 9 inches long and right smack in the centre of my shin, sexy. i missed half of year 7, and then half of year 9 (while i was having the plate removed), and the dent in my leg is wear the break was and wear the bumper hit my leg :( its left me with a whole lot of emotional problems, i had night terrors for a very long time - and it all contributed to the diagnosis of my bipolar when i was 14, and physical problems a plenty - not least the fact my dodgy (right leg) is weak as hell, which makes wearing heels a pain, i cant wear big ones coz my ankles weaker than average and cant take it, and i also have arthritis in that leg, as well as what i like to call my floating knee cap, basically every now and then, when i twist funny (last time i did it i was in the act of sitting down on a table,hmm) my knee dislocates itself and then pops back in - swearing a plenty ensues :)

so yeah, my poor leg is adapting to the cold weather again now so im walking like a pensioner - bad times - but there you go, if you ever hear me whinging on about my leg - thats the back story :)

ive also decided to set myself a lil challenge, in 7.5 weeks i shall be going to see mr john bishop live in southport, and im excited muchly -

so, in 7 weeks im gonna try and lose a stone and half (21lbs), this is 3lb a week loss which is bit high i know, but theres no point setting a challenge thats gonna be easy right, check out the ticker thing at the top of the page for progress. wish me luck.

ooooh and excitement, i has a new mobile telephone arriving tomorrow;

mels getting a new toy :) :) so you knows what i'll be doing tomorrow night - playing, and trying to work out how to use it,lmao

                                                              peace x

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