Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What can I say? I suck.

grrr, hello binge eating mel, this weeks been tough, im doing a dodgy shift at work and i dont get a break, so im going from 9:30am until about 5pm without food, so when i get home im starving and ive snuck over points every evening this week, and the sad thing is ive really been trying. and today im a eating machine, so i guess fresh start tomorrow? sigh.

this morning i got in the taxi to work (mum and mine shifts started at the same time and ) rrrrrriiiiiippppppppppppppppp!!! oh my word, super embarassment - and im talking from waistband to down, and i cant even blame my weight - they are looser now than they were, well they were looser - now they are in the bin, so i got out the taxi, tied my cardigan around my waist and told mum to tell work im sick - theres a tummy bug going round, and yes i feel awful but it was necessary - 15 minutes later i was on the bus into town, then i had to get an eco bus to the retail park and to evans and i bought 2 pairs of trousers (one in a size smaller than i am) as they were two for £25, then eco bus back into town, and then bus home - so i couldnt have worked, it took me 2.5 hours to go and get some blooming work trousers, thus - im not happy -  but it could have been worse, they could have gone in work - oh my god, id have cried :( so i treated myself to the red hat i saw 3 weeks a go and talked myself out of buying but havent been able to stop thinking about since :)

erm... comme ci comme ca times i guess??


                                                                      peace out x

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