Friday, 10 September 2010

what a boring week :o|

today i went to work ultra prepared, i was down for an 11-6 shift, and i even stopped in the freezer shop on the way to work and bought myself a ww beef hotpot ready meal (3.5 points) as i get so bored of eating butties, so there i was with my lunch all ready prepped and..... they sent me home at 3pm! lol, dont get my wrong im not complaining, but i guarantee if i hadnt been so organised then they wouldnt have sent me home - ladies and gentlemen i believe this would be known as the law of sod ;) anyway, i came home and ate my beef hotpot here, on the most disgusting plate we own, this is a solitary plate from the 70's i think, lol, i shant show mum this picture, i imagine i'll be told off for showing one of out more hideous plates off ;)
bad lighting, sorry.

work has been disgustingly boring this week (and i still have tomorrow to get through) we have a new store opening near by and the staff are training are in the store i work in, lovely as they all are it does mean our staff levels have more than doubled yet we still have the same work load, meaning less to do - which sounds great but in reality is boring as hell. :( thankfully, today was their last day as they need to merchandise their store from now on, we've also lost a staff member to that store, so hopefully the manager will replace her speedily.

diet wise, ive been super good - so im hoping for a good result tomorrow despite being completely sucky at the beginning of the week - keep everything crossed for me my dear readers?

ooohhhhh and i just HAVE to show you this, lets be honest - its no secret i like to stand out from the crowd,and this will help - but for the record, i would never usually wear one of each colour - this is just as a demonstration ;)

so? what do you think? any preferences? know whats extra awesome, they are uv so will look fricking awesome when im out on the town, know whats cooler? they are from the shop next door to where i work and because these are uv they should have been £20 but the lady gave them me for £15 and bogof, ooohhh yeeaaahhhhhh....

and before i forget, at work yesterday a very nice lady said id lost lots of weight since she saw me last - not entirely sure thats true, but hey - how nice,and incase you were wondering lack of twister lip ring? ive taken it out because we have loads of upper management visits in our store i the next few weeks so i decided to play it safe - how boooorrriiinggg!!!

              peace out x

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