Sunday, 5 September 2010

Weigh in Week Three - Uck.

oh uck, weigh in was a fricking disaster this week :( as demonstrated by the concerned face above. Whilst i fully appreciate it was a struggle, and i was less than angelic at the end of the week (but not THAT bad) i have to say, i totally did not deserve to gain 5lbs!! i mean seriously, what the hell?? i know i retain water like a god damn sponge 1 week a month but seriously, you gotta be joking - 5-fricking-lbs!!! to say im pissed is a slight understatement, im actually pretty seriously gutted.

this of course flicked the binge switch into the on position. i went out for an indian last night, and while i was going to be semi sensible up until yesterday morning, when i got there i just didnt care. i wish i could say i regretted my decision, but frankly it was far too yummy for me to regret anything, i also drank far too much wine, ate my indian and snarfed down chocolate like a machine, hardly helpful under the circumstances. so over all, last week and yesterday only 1 word can sum me up;

(probably best not to ask how long it took me to colour in my lil signage) Infact i'd go further and describe myself as an epic fail. you heard me right, EPIC!

Regardless of this, im making an effort to get back on track today, despite feeling a distinct lack of mojo and a rather over whelming feeling of blahness.

Its not so me that i dont want to diet, i enjoy fruit, i enjoy eating healthily - i just hate thinking about food. oh how i yearn to be able to just go into the kitchen and fix myself a snack without having to break it all down in my mind into kcals, saturated fat and, in turn, points. But doing that clearly got me to the stage im at so im back to being a pointing machine, besides which, mums awesome hotpot is for tea :) im home alone today so just need to work out what to have for breakfast (yes, i still havent eaten :o\ ) and lunch and im good to go. im gonna incorporate fruit in there for sure, we have some awesome plums and nectarines in the house, my absolute fave :)

This week theres been some pretty awesome articles in the paper about food, specifically american food (i buy the star, its 20p and i can read it in my limited breaks at work,lol)

The NYC Chippy

i urge you to read this one, its one of my goals to travel to NYC (as well as Vegas,Rome,Paris - ive been there, on stop over - saw the eiffel tower from a distance and a lovely hotel room,lol - Australia, Prague - the lists endless) and when i do, im totally going here :)

This one didnt make my mouth water as much;

Monster Food!

i adore bacon, i adore blt's - but even this one would over face me. Its quite shocking - do you think you'd get them for free if you finished them all? Irritatingly they never produce articles like this in the UK. I was at a cafe the other week with a monster breakfast, it was £15 but if you finished it was free, it like 6 x sausages, 10 x bacon, 3 x eggs, 3 x slices of black pudding, 1 x tin of beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and 6 x slices of fried bread. Similarly, we were at a restaurant a few back where a steak was advertised on a similar premise, but i forget the weight - someone bought it on a table near us and im pretty sure they'd just brought the fella who bought it a cow - he didnt finish it ;)

I also have a new book recommendation, even though i know no one pays attention to these, i feel the need to consistently and constantly recommend books im reading, so heres my new one, fallen by lauren kate.


ive taken a break from my latest house of night obsession (read the first 2, got the 3rd upstairs ready) and am reading this, its really good, and is about a fallen angel, ive even posted a link to so you can read what its about, and pur-chase it :) but it really is rather awesome - its also another series of book (oh heck, too many books too lil time) but luckily enough the next books not out yet. enjoy. also, if anyone, on the off chance, does read any books recommend can you please let me know, and let me know what you think? im such a book nerd and look talking books :)

                                                       Peace x

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