Friday, 13 August 2010

As predicted...

well, as predicted i suppose i better get this over and done with and post my woe is me post.

sigh, and it truly truly is woe is, i got the scales (which btw are fricking awesome, they are scary accurate and you an get on and off them and still get the same reading, goodies) and i weight a disgusting, utterly despicable;
yes, you heard me rightly - 25 st 13 - thats fricking disgusting, truly awful. truth is, i was fully expecting my weight to be in the 25 bracket, just not quite so high in that bracket, on a positive side, i know these scales are accurate, i also know that my old ones weighed a good 10lb less than these ones so despite the scary high number, im feeling well... surprisingly optimistic;

shockingly, that is meant to be my optimistic face - lol. Some people out there may be wondering why im so optimistic, especially considering the disgusting amount of weight ive put on lately - but heres the thing, ive accepted it, and ive moved on - and im so ready to get back on this dieting malarkey its scary. today i went to asda and bought lots of lovely fruities and veggies and ww friendly snack-ables. good times. and tomorrow ill be a pointing machine. pinky swear readers. pinky swear.
ive also got a brand new tracking note book, a brand new pack of fruit scented ball point pens to wright in my book (dont ask,lol), some coloured pencils and some glitter gel pens (again, probably best not to ask). Onwards and downwards my dear readers, onwards and downwards.

oh, and before i forget - following the new blog, new start point of view ive opted to do this blog differently from my last, hence the photies of me, rather than generic photo's found from google, there will still be a few of those in my blog, but i like the idea of making this here bloggage more personal, any feed back would be luvverly? :) plus, my woe is me pose is utterly amazing ;)

                                                      peace out x


  1. I randomly found your blog as I was looking for imformation on stretching ears (currently I am 14mm)
    You seem a good and positive person, I hope you manage to loose all the weight you hope to. I have never been really big but I did loose 3 stones, so I know how hard loosing even a few lb can be. I love body mods, I have 28 piercings and 4 tattoos- and planning on more lol. Keep positive,
    kinda regards, Emma

  2. good luck with restarting your journey, im looking forward to following you!

  3. thank you so much. thanks for the feedback, its nice to get feedback from someone who just stumbled on to my blog :) it made me smile :)

    thanks gemma, the journey has well and truly started, my motivation is through the rough - it feels pretty darn good :)