Thursday, 12 August 2010

Remember how I said?

Remember how i said that for the first few weeks of being on track i wasnt going to weigh myself?

Well today i changed my mind, see one of the major reasons why i didnt want to weigh myself for the first few weeks is that my trust for my current scales is severely lacking, its not that i dont want to know what i weigh, its that my scales can differ by about 5lbs each time you step on them, now lets be honest - thats hardly ideal. It's also not fair when youve been super good all week and when you do weigh yourself you struggle to trust your scales. So this morning, ive used the power of the internet and reserved these; at argos. They look pretty darn good to me, and the reviews filled me with confidence. Good times, i'll be picking them up tomorrow so i'll let you know how i get on with these over the coming weekend. Prepare yourselves for a 'woe is me' post when i realise how much my weeks and months of depression chocolate stuffing activities have caused me to gain. You have been warned.

                                                Peace x

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