Sunday, 22 August 2010

Week 1 Weigh In...

So firstly, apologies for not posting this sooner but i had to work yesterday so really didnt have time to post it after weigh in, and then when i got home from a manic day of work, well, quite frankly i couldnt be bothered. Hey, at least im honest.

So lets get this over with shall we, i lost 5.25lbs. Im happy with that :) its 5.25lbs less than i was last week, and it also means im ahead in my challenge to lose 30lbs in 10 week, good times. Last night i ended up going to a friends house and had too much vino and munchies,but im straight back to it today so thats all that matters in my eyes. :) ive also got a personal funky monkey challenge going on where i have a picture of a monkey on my fridge separated into squares and i colour it in each week, its got 9 squares - so after 9 weeks im hoping to have a fatty funky monkey ;)

Ive also got a very important section of my diet/weight/points tracker note book thing which is a weight loss chart :)

what can i say? i like to be able to see my weight loss at a glance? i dunno, it makes me feel good filling it in anyway,lol. proof of my loss maybe? lol, as a rule i find my weight tracker quite a therapeutic thing anyway, when im in the zone it becomes an invaluable tool for keeping me on track, im very much the school of mark it down before you eat it, no excuses then is there? she says - knowing full well she didnt do this at all last night, and drank wine and had a bacon sarnie and some a boost chocolate bar all of which i didnt point but thoroughly enjoyed, and should be working off on just dance for my wii today but am really struggling to feel at all motivated to do that, so instead im watching the Xtra factor that i recorded last night, hmmm.... still, as the postcard stuck to my fridge tells me;

and i have to say, at the time the chocolate did make me happy, i love love love boosts, i dont however love that they are 7.5 points, nor am i happy that i used to think nothing of having one of these along with a pastie/pie and an energy drink during my lunch at work, eeeep. si really, my goal now is to not regret what i ate and drank last night and to just back on it today and cut back a few points each day, no problemo mon ami :)
I'd also like to take this opportunity to point something out, on this blog it would be easy to look at all the pictures i put on of me and think i love myself and i have a massive ego, strangely, im completely the opposite - i just want to make this blog more personal and the only way i know of doing this is to use photos of myself, also, by putting on photos of me you may realise more of who i am, which to be fair - could be argued a bit of a loser judging by my hair in this blog - but would you believe that this took a fair bit of styling to do? no really, i woke up this morning and this was how i wanted my hair.this is what my family call the 'walk 6 steps behind me and pretend were not together look' ;) (long live the back combing) i also dont do it to shock, i just do it because it feels right, and i quite like being different and not the same sheep as everyone else, except i know its not different - its a copy of someone else who does it, and maybe someone will copy me and so on - but its still very much true to myself :) i think i just wanted to clear that up, i actually have pretty severe confidence issues and by posting these pictures it seems to help. normality, not exactly my strong point ;)

so yeah, i think that pretty much sums up this blog post. and as always.

                                                      peace x

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