Sunday, 29 August 2010

Demon Cake and New Breakfast Fave...

yesterday i completely forgot to post a photo of my weight loss chart that lives in my tracker book, so i decided to post it a day late - so, there we go - its going down, which is the main thing. :)

i also thought id take the opportunity to post about last nights indulgences, i may have had some vino,and a boost, and some cheese and crackers, and a chinese ready meal and nibbles...and a sausage roll (i was out of the house most of the day getting my eyes tested and waiting for my glasses) so yes, i probably went a lil bit overboard - not least when i was in tesco, and my ultimate vice started calling me from across the store, 'meeelllllllllllll'...'meeeellllll, please mel, i thought you loved us' and so on and so forth, so yes i purchased something very naughty, 12 of them, but they are to be shared throughout the family - so its not all bad,lol.
krispy kreme doughnuts. i swear to god, if they ever introduced something to the english market from america which was bound to affect the waist lines of the public it was clearly these lil develish angels. So, i probably indulged far too much on these. i had 3. whooopsie. but at least i stopped myself at 3. this morning i got online and have since googled krispy kreme and have found a website which means i can point these lil tasty treats and still satisfy my homer simpson-esq cravings :)


unfortunately, the doughnuts arent the only naughty things we currently have in the house, when mum and i were in tesco yesterday she picked up a cake for after sunday lunch today, i didnt pay much attention to what she was looking at or buying, but woa my lord - when i got home i was in shock, this is the cake she chose;

and this lil baby, this not exactly overly large cake is extremely scrummy  looking but its also coming in at 51.6 points!! how shocking is that? its 4.5 points per 12th of a cake. eeeep, what the hell does it have in it? a full family bar size of galaxy chocolate??? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp. i think ill pass, and possibly have one of my pointed doughnuts.

ive also made an attempt to, as im off, have a slightly different breakfast, seeing as i had the time to prepare something, so i had this;

eggs benidict, it was 9.5, but it was more of a brunch than a breakfast and was so yummy :) good times.
                                                                    peace out x

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