Monday, 23 August 2010

A real quickie...

so, what with the excitement of weigh in and the back combed hair and what not, i totally forgot to mention something that im pretty darn proud of,as of saturday i have now been smoke free for 6 months!!! and i feel so much better for it, i still miss having something to do with my hands (that err...isnt a double entendre) but the smell doesnt smell good to me anymore, like it used to, and i had a drag of one the other week and it actually knocked me sick, impressed? you knows it. the money ive saved not buying ciggies has paid for;

1. my flesh tunnels, and the stretched it took me to get to this point (8mm) - probably £15 all in for each size up, and i stretched 3 times, for the record - i wouldnt suggest going up as quickly as i did (if your thinking of getting them), i went up from standard to 3mm, then to 5mm and im now at 8mm. I left 2 weeks between each stretch, your meant to go up 1-2mm a time every 2 month or so. So yeah, i rushed through it.

2. my lip piercing, which i adore, and my lip rings ive ordered which im waiting to arrive, sigh, come on royal mail!! :)

so yeah, check me out - im a smoke free good girl now;

(shockingly, and i know your not gonna believe this - i added the halo and wings on AFTER i took the photo, using paint - i know, shocking right?)

ok... so im not a good girl, but im better :) and like i always say, when im good im very very good, but when im bad... im better ;)

                                                                      peace out x


  1. Hiya Mel, Loving the new blog. It's very awesome and cool!

    Glad to see you're back on the ww wagon chickadee

    Lex xxx

  2. many thanks sweetness, im digging this blog muchly :) and feeling epicly motivated ;)