Sunday, 15 August 2010


So when were dieting, lets face it - each and every one of us has downfalls, many of us more than one - me? i think i have about 400. lol. So getting back on the dieting regime always makes me confront these downfalls face on, so this time i thought id share it in a blog, and hopefully someone else out there will read it and realise they are not alone.

Downfalls come in so many different shapes and forms its almost cruel. But i can only talk about the downfalls that plague me, so here goes;

I am the ultimate comfort eater, and when i say comfort eater, what i really should say is comfort binger, im under no illusions that my halo doesnt slip, it falls off and rolls write under the fridge. I eat when im happy, bored, sad, angry - if im bored i find the whole not snacking thing virtually impossible, so i try to have good snacks in, things like gherkins and cherry tomatoes, but when im sad i'll treat myself to chocolate and hope it cheers me up, and when im happy i'll kid myself that i deserve a take away, similarly to sad, when im angry and i eat - and when im tired i get lazy and eat what evers closest, i try not to bang in about it - but being bipolar and an emotional eater is quite possibly the worst mix ever.

Then of course there's the downfall of certain trigger foods that can bring on a binge (in me anyway) before you know it - the picture above shows the food we currently have in the house that are likely to set me off - i thought putting them on the scales were quite fitting. :) now, if it were up to me, i'd get a big old rubbish bag and fling the white bread, chocolate and cheese - and id gently place the vino in a bag with a tear in my eye - but as is always the case, i dont live alone - and have to understand that other people can control the desire to just cut a piece of cheese off the block and and ram it down their snarf hole when no ones looking (incidentally, we also have some red hot spicy gouder cheese in the fridge that ive hidden at the back,lol)  Out of sight, out of mind - at least thats how im finding it at the moment. Similarly, Coke is a massive downfall of mine, i love the stuff - ice old coke is the best ever - but i have to limit my intake of that as well.

Another downfall of mine is other people. like in work, being harassed to go for a drink after work - which always leads to more than one and usually a sharer plate of chips and cheesy garlic bread, or like today - my dear sweet mummy. Let me explain, this week ive been off work as hol, but typically my sinuses decided to play up - so i was really rather ill at the beginning of the week, i also had a touch of tonsillitis so i wasnt really eating much, and all i wanted to eat was sticky toffee pudding and cream, or ice cream - yeah, when im ill i revert to being 5 - good to know eh? - but we didnt have any, so mum went shopping yesterday and came home with... ha ha ha, you guessed it ;)

(just as a side not, my hairs wet not greasy,lol)

sticky toffee pudding and clotted cream for after todays tea, and my god she looked so proud and chuffed with herself because she'd found me some - and she didnt know i was getting back on track with my dieting thing, so - im gonna eat the sticky toffee pudding and cream tonight, luckily they are individual puddings so ive pointed them up (8.5) and i'll add my own cream so i wont go over board and i reckon i can just about squeeze them into my points, especially as im gonna bank a few points in the week.

know what, sometimes, just sometimes i think id quite like to lock myself in a room until ive lost my weight, and then come out - rather like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis - would certainly make my life easier anyway - still, im pretty damn sure im gonna enjoy my sticky toffee pudding ;)

and i know that the pudding will be my only slice of naughtiness for the forsee-able future as ive been challenged by a new diet buddy of mine to lose 30lbs in 10 weeks - oh heck - eep!

                                                      peace x

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  1. Best of luck to you! Like others, I ran across your blog by happenstance but now check in regularly to see if you've posted anything new. I like that you're going to make this blog more personal and will include more photos. I too am currently dieting (sigh--again) so I feel your pain.