Thursday, 19 August 2010

Breakfast Blues

I HATE having breakfast, and i do mean hate it with a passion - however, i do force myself to eat it as i know its good for you and extremely bad to skip it, but theres many reasons why i hate it, the 2 most prominent ones;

1. no breakfast + early mornings = more time in bed.

im not the best sleeper out there, once im asleep im fine, but getting to sleep is a real nightmare at times. so if i dont eat breakfast, i dont need to get up as early so i get to sleep longer, also, i just dont like eating in a morning.

2. breakfast makes me starving!!!

and i do mean starving, im pretty much working ther 10-5 shift in work right now, so i eat breakfast at 8:30am and my 11am my tummy sounds like a rock rolling down a hill im that hungry, on monday i worked 11-6 so had breakfast at 9:30 and only got my break in work at 3pm!! im relatively sure i took a few bites out of my fingers when i was eating my lunch (when i finally got it).

and for those out there thinking im eating the wrong things for breakfast, im not - it doesnt matter what ive eaten for breakfast im still starving hungry within around 3 hours, which sucks majorly when im at work. ive tried to have bacon butties for breakfast (pointed, not advisable i was hungry almost instantly), porridge, cereal, toast, fruit, yoghurts - it truly doesnt matter - luckily the hunger pangs get less noticeable the longer im eating healthily so im just sticking with it and im sure i'll be ok in the next few weeks, but am i the only one who is like this? who, by eating breakfast, sentences herself to a morning of being ravenous? today im off work, so i can afford to be hungry as i can snack, or have my lunch when ever i want. good times. breakfast this morning, Orange juice, a pear, a nectarine (check out that for making sure i get my 5 a day ;) ) and a crumpet....

dont ask, i wouldnt :)

despite going back to work this week after a week off, and it killing me - im so exhausted and im aching - going from being off to standing for 7 hours a day is not to be sniffed at, put it that way,  i have been quite honestly, i fricking saint. ive tracked like a good 'un, and ive even made sure ive been hitting my 5 a day, mainly by eating fruit, but ive been having chock loads of good old veggies too - i had stir fry last night, and tonight im having sweet and sour chicken - and its pointed too :) what more could a girl ask for :) - apart from a point free chocolate bar/cake, and adam lambert/tim minchin/billy joel armstrong/jared leto to feed it to me (can you tell i like eye liner on  my men? im such an eye liner 'ho - even on me - i just loves my eye liner,lol), i havent let a morsel pass my lips without marking it down and making sure ive got the points, and on sunday i even managed to have enough points for my sticky toffee pudding, come on - thats commitment right? i really am feeling very motivated round about now :) i havent err, done any exercise yet, but im aching enough as it without adding more aches and pains. bad times. so i have my point tracking book, and its fastly becoming my bible.

i loves my bible, lol.

my mums meant to be pointing too, but whilst she wont admit it - shes playing at pointing really so im sure im a bit of a diet bore at home, luckily i dont talk about my diet with friends and or work colleagues as im conscience of becoming the diet bore, so i just dont talk about it, speaking of work - some guy asked for my number in work the other day - cool huh? WRONG. dont get me wrong, im not a snob, or a cow, i am infact one of the most approachable people there is - and i know i dont look it with the dyed black hair, piercings and tattoos and a scary amount of eye liner, but im a real sweet heart. I admit, it took me a long time to accept my personality but i adore myself, apart from the paranoia but i do have a pretty wicked sense of humour (and yes by wicked, i mean good and dark). So in work, im lovely to everyone - every customer that comes through my till i will smile and chat and laugh at their jokes (or fake laugh, which is more often than not neccessary). But this one guy seemed to think i was giving him special treatment, and said 'if i gave you my number would you call me?' wow - what do you say to that, especially when your 23 and a bit of a rocker, and this guy is 40+ and is so straight laced im not sure he knows who Greenday are? I just said, err, 'honestly, probably not' then felt guilty, so pointed at one of the 2 blokes i work with (who luckily are good mates of mine - ive always got on well with dudes) and said 'my fella wouldnt like it!' this could have gone so horribly wrong, except the dude i pointed at wasnt the dumb one, and he heard so he looked up and winked at me like he was my boyfriend. This didnt put the bloke off and he said 'ah ok, think on it though yeh? we'd have fun.' man, why do the cute rockers i serve never offer me their number? or the guy from the tattoo shop/piercing place ive been lusting over for a fair while now? lol.

im gonna close this blog up now, its a long post - but im trying to at least a blog when im on my days off, but before i forget, yes im 23 - but if you liked harry potter,percy jackson and/or twilight, buy this book, buy it, read it, love it - then buy the next 6. House of Night, Marked, by Pc and Kristin Cast. i've almost finished it and ive just ordered the next 2 :)

peace out x


  1. Hi Mel, loving the new look blog! I'm also very happy to see that I'm not the only person out there who falls in love with my tracking notebooks :-) Good luck with the restart!


  2. heya hun.

    thanks muckly, im liking my new blog too :) x