Saturday, 14 August 2010

hello motivation. hello new found cupboard contents love.

ive discovered the most wondrous, beautiful amazing creation ever known to man and woman kind, im in love - utterly in love - with something thats fast becoming a cupboard essential in this household, whats better? my mums also totally hooked, so what is it?

garlic salt! yes you heard me, garlic salt!!! now whilst i dont usually kiss my cupboard contents, and i especially dont usually kiss them and take my photo, i thought id make an exception to express my love for this humble little jar on this here bloggage. and yes i know salt isnt good, i know this - but i dont care. its my little guilty pleasure. I adore garlic (maybe one of the reasons why im still a lone bird eh?) but im also exceptionally lazy, and if i can find something to make life easier than, hell, i take it! I especially hate peeling and prepping veggies, and that includes the laborious (yes, it is laborious in my head) of peeling and chopping or squishing garlic - but this stuffs even better than that, why? because this doesnt even need to be cooked! My dear mother and i love it on salads, and even on salad butties :) nom nom - i had a ham salad buttie for lunch today with a light spreading of extra light mayo and a sprinkling of the wonderful garlic salt. and it was good. so so good :) nom. dude/dudette who created this divine substance, i salute you!

day 1 is going immense, despite a groggy head from far too much vino last night, but despite that im motivated. yes i did the obligatory morning after the night before bacon sarnie, but it was grilled and pointed, and then i had some oj :) for lunch i had the heavenly sarnie, some walkers baked crisps and some soup, oh and a nectarine - and man that nectarine was so good! Im so back on the wagon its scary, that nectarine - cant even tell you how good it was - but the funny thing is, that was nicer than any chocolate bar or choccy biccie ive ever shoved down my snarf hole. viva la nectarine! it was so good, im very tempted to go and have another - but im gonna be good (not sure mum will appreciate me eating all the fruit while she was at work,lol) but maybe, just maybe ill have one after my tea (of paella - oh yeah, check me out ;) ) with a yoghurt :) good times.

So, a further insight into my nerdiness is due i do believe. I give you me own biggest loser stage. Yes it cluttered, and it doesnt look quite as glamorous as the one you see on tv. But this is my weigh station, with my new awesome scales - and sometimes, just sometimes, i like to weigh myself twice (you get the same reading on these, its fricking awesome), once in st and lbs, and once in lbs only - and when i do the lbs only thing - i like to pretend im on the biggest loser. small things eh? ;)

                                                                         peace x

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