Saturday, 28 August 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

So, its saturday, which means in time to jump on my scales and weigh myself once again, and im still at the point where i quite look forward to weigh in, i work hard all week and i look forward to see my results, there will be weeks, especially as time moves on, that i will be no longer anticipating weigh in with a feeling of optimism and enthusiasm but with one of desperation,dread,fear and loathing, but as i say - at the moment, im still very much positive.

So this morning i wake up, stumble down the stairs, switch the kettle on and grab the scales - i weigh myself in the dining room/junk room as its the only completely flat flooring in our house - go figure, and ive lost 4.75lbs this week. thrilled?? you bet ya! that takes it to 10lb in 2 weeks, and im well ahead on my 30lb in 10 week challenge, times my friends, are very good indeed. That being said, i was a saint all week - i allow myself saturdays off plan and have something ive been craving all week and some chocolate and vino, hey, im only human - and i know from past experiences that i dont do this i reach around wednesday and have a scary binge - but other than that last week i was extremely good all week, and i plan to be the same this week - chinese food tonight, can i get a woop woop?! ;)

In other news this week, today i went to get my eyes tested, and have gone from needing normal bog standard reading glasses to needing to wear general distance glasses all the time :o\ not exactly impressed but i got some pretty damn funky glasses (red or dead and fcuk, oh yeah, you knows im happening chick ;) ) so im wearing them now and need to get used to them, ive been told they may give me head aches for a few days while i adjust. 'parently one of my eyes is weaker than the other (which i knew, my left eye sucks) so my right eyes been compensating :( sigh,

red or dead, snake print, woop woop!

fcuk! :)  (aka, the prof glasses ;) )

I was also superbly good, i saw the most SEXY red trilby hat ever today, ever ever ever ever - i wanted it, i had it, it was in my hands and i put it back! hows that for self control, ok - so i spent £20 in the same shop on earrings, got the most stunning pair of guitar earrings  :) awweeesoommmeee :) :)

Oh and look at me, rock and roll goddess, general awesome person - culinary master? yep, your right - im actually an awesome cook, but im much better at baking - my chocolate chip cookies are to die for (crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle) to the extent that in the past ive been paid to bake them. well this year im gonna try my hand at making an honest to god christmas cake. from scratch. impressed? you knows it? im buying the bits each week then getting started at end of sept, today i got all the fruit and the measuring cups and candied peels. now all i need is a tin, brandy, treacle, sugar and eggs. Im using my mums old cake recipe, hence the measuring cups, apparently she didnt think specific weights were neccessary. lol. wish me luck?

                                                               peace x


  1. Looking hot in the new glasses Mel! Well done with being able to colour in that monkey too

    Lex xxx

  2. awww thanks hun.

    funnily enough i didnt think i needed them until i take my new glasses off and everything dances out of focus,just need to get into a routine of putting them on every day,lol

    peace out hunni x